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About Proposal 'IPv6 Policy and references Update'

Summary of the Problem Being Addressed by this Policy Proposal

Since this policy was developed, IPv6 deployment has evolved and also some parts of the policy have been changed, which led to several inconsistencies in the actual text, even wrong references to other text sections.

In addition to ironing out such inconsistencies, this proposal updates an important reference to a very recent document to make it easier to understand how LIRs can assign IPv6 addresses to their users.

This proposal does not imply any changes in how the actual policy is applied. Instead, the proposed changes are simply clarifications or involve correcting errors and updating references to avoid potential misinterpretations.

IPv4 exhaustion in other regions combined with other factors has imposed huge pressure on the AFRINIC IPv4 pool with requests for large IPv4 blocks, with very little IPv6 deployment. The pressure on the AFRINIC IPv4 pool has led to some policy proposals to reserve some blocks for certain sub-communities.


  • Ref. Name:AFPUB-2018-V6-001-DRAFT01
  • Submitted:11 March 2018
  • Versions: 1.0
  • Amends: CPM art 6.0
  • Obsoletes:
  • Author:
    - Jordi Palet Martinez, jordi.palet[at]  The IPv6 Company

Revision History

Date Details

14 March 2018

Version 1: AFPUB-2018-V6-001-DRAFT01

Initial Draft Posted to rpd


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