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AFRINIC Board Ratifies Policy Proposal Lame delegations in AFRINIC reverse DNS

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The community is hereby informed that at its meeting of 21 March 2018, the AFRINIC Board, in accordance with article 3.4.4 of the Consolidated Policy Manual (CPM), ratified the policy proposal “Lame delegations in AFRINIC reverse DNS” as per below resolution:

Resolution 201803.395

WHEREAS the proposed policy AFPUB-2017-DNS-001-DRAFT-02 (Lame delegations in AFRINIC reverse DNS) has passed through the Policy Development Process;

WHEREAS the Policy Development Working Group’s Chairs have referred the proposed policy to the Board for ratification;

RESOLVED that the policy is ratified by the Board

AFRINIC will now start the necessary steps and process for the immediate implementation of this policy, and inform the community once the implementation process is completed.

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