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2017 FIRE Africa Applications Received

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4 August 2017 - The application period for the FIRE Africa Grants and Awards ended on 2nd August 2017 having run for a whole month.

The FIRE Award consists of a USD 3,000 cash prize plus full travel and accommodation for one representative of each project to attend the awards ceremony, and participate in sessions which will be held in Switzerland during the 2017 Internet Governance Forum.

We received a total of 56 Award applications distributed as follows per category:

  1. Internet Development: 4 applications 
  2. Internet for Social Inclusion: 5 applications.
  3. ICT for Development: 47

The Award applications came from 18 countries namely Kenya (10) Benin (1), Nigeria (10), Ivory Coast (4), Tanzania (2), Ghana (1), DRC (6), Cameroon (8), South Africa (2), Mauritius (2), Mali(1), Togo (1),  Uganda (3), Rwanda(1), Botswana (1), Egypt (1), Sierra Leon(1) ,Malawi (1)

The 2017 Awards Criteria is available at

The FIRE Grant consists of a USD 12,500 grant and a $10,000 Google grant to implement a project of choice within a period of one year.  

We received a total of 190 Grant applications distributed as follows per category:

  1. Technical Innovation: 21 applications 
  2. Community Development: 84 applications.
  3. Governance Enhancement: 5 applications
  4. Education: 79 applications

The Grant applications came from 34 countries namely Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, Tunisia, Togo, The Gambia, Tanzania, Sudan, South Africa, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Rwanda, Nigeria, Mozambique, Morocco, Mauritius, Mali, Malawi, Madagascar, Libya, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Ghana, Ethiopia, Djibouti, DRC, Chad, Central Africa Republic, Cape Verde, Cameroon, Burundi, Botswana, Benin,.

Grants criteria is available at  

The next steps will involve our Jurors analysing the Award and grants applications, and announcing the winners.



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