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Host an AFRINIC workshop

house-256AFRINIC`s training workshops are organised in partnership with local hosts. Each workshop lasts for at least three (3) days and consists of:

  • One (1) day Internet number resource management workshop: provides the knowledge and skills required to plan for, request and manage Internet number resources.
  • Two (2) days IPv6 workshop: provides knowledge and skills for planning and implementing IPv6 networks.


Responsibilities of local hosts
  1. Publicise the event within your country.
  2. Secure a suitable venue for the workshop - the venue must support at least 24 participants in a classroom or U shape sitting configuration.
  3. Provide catering services for the participants.
  4. Assist with getting visas and identifying suitable hotels for the accommodation of AFRINIC resource persons.
  5. Provide a high-speed Internet connectivity, a multimedia projector, flip-chart/whiteboard and marker as well as other on-site logistics at the training venue.


AFRINIC workshops must be open to individuals outside of your organisation. If you are interested in hosting a training workshop or would like additional information, please contact training[at]

Thank you for your continued support and interest in furthering the development of  Internet in our region.