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Staff Assessment - Academic IPv4 Allocation

Analysis and assessment of proposal AFPUB-2013-GEN-001-DRAFT-02 (Academic IPv4 Allocation) || Date of Assessment: 16-06-2013


How the staff understands the proposal

This proposal details the criteria and justification that a higher education institution shall provide to AFRINIC when requesting for IPv4 address space. The proposal also makes provision of an IPv6 roll-out plan a mandatory criterion for higher education institution qualify to receive IPv4 space under this policy once ratified.


Staff Comments

  • The proposal mentions “Higher Education institutions” and “Academic institutions” in two separate clauses. There should be a specific definition of such institutions.
  • Section 3.9 of this proposal is in contradiction with Sections 7.3 &7.4 of the current IPv4 address allocation & assignment policy (afpub-2005-v4-001) by exempting applicants under this proposal to submit “documentation relating to the networks in question”.
  • Section 2 (b) of the fees schedule states: “AFRINIC will apply a 50% discount to organizations which justify that they are official Academic or Research Institutions in their countries and demonstrate the exclusive use of assigned/allocated resources for not-for profit academic or research activities.”  Section 3.8 of the proposal will be superseded by the clause in Section 2(b) of the fees schedule.
  • Scope of Section 3.3 “details of planned/current IPv6 roll-outs, including committed time frames for the roll-out of IPv6”. 
    • Should this check be enforced, say, when the HEI comes back for additional range of IPv4 addresses?
    • Should information on the planned rollout be submitted in the IPv4 request or in a simultaneous IPv6 request?
    • What should be the “committed time frame”? (Number of months?)


Legal Aspects

No significant legal issues on this proposal.