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Simon Msafiri Balthazar | Governance Committee Candidate 2021



Simon Msafiri Balthazar 

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Prior to joining TZNIC, Simon worked in the telecommunication industry at several companies, including Tanzania Telecommunication Company Limited and Vodacom Tanzania Limited. During his time at TZNIC, Simon has accomplished quite a number of things which include setting up a registry from its infancy to where it is now, he also pioneered the first implementation of IPv6 in Tanzania, participated in organizing the first-ever AFNOG 12 / AFRINIC 14 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, participated in organizing AFTLD 2009 in Arusha, Tanzania and recently he worked with ISC to implement the hosting of F-Root Server node in Tanzania.

Simon is constantly participating in formulating policies that govern TZNIC operations and also follow up regional policy development via the AFRINIC-RPD mailing list. Simon holds a BSc. in Information Systems and Technology from United States International University (USIU) and currently undertaking an Executive MBA organized by Maastricht School of Management and Eastern and Southern Africa Management Institute.



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