Vacancy: Head, Communications and Public Relations

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Department: Communications and Public Relations

Job title: Head, Communications and Public Relations


1. Job Background


Job Summary


Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, the Head of Communications and PR (hereafter referred to as HoC) will be appointed on an indeterminate contract.

(S)he will primarily be responsible for developing and coordinating AFRINIC’s communications and public relations functions. The HoC will set and guide strategy for all communications and public relations messages and collaterals to consistently articulate AFRINIC’s vision and mission. (S)he will proactively develop programmes and strategies to enhance the image of AFRINIC. (S)he will work closely with the CEO and other departments to promote, build, maintain and manage the reputation and image of AFRINIC in line with its vision and mission.

 (S)he must demonstrate exceptional communication and organisational skills, attention to detail, grammar reviewing and formatting of all external communications, good follow-up, self-motivation and proven ability to effectively multitask, the aptitude to work productively with little supervision, and the ability to work as part of a team responsible for increasing AFRINIC’s awareness through various communications events and activities. (S)he must be able to write and produce both concise and detailed reports. (S)he must possess excellent people skills and an upbeat and enthusiastic attitude.

 (S)he must be able to plan, coordinate and manage successfully AFRINIC’s meetings and related events. (S)he would be required to effectively raise sponsorship with various organisations. 

Reports to

Chief Executive Officer

Number of Direct Reports

4 +

Qualifications/ Work Experience

  • A Master’s Degree in Business, Media, Journalism, Communications, Marketing or related field of study or equivalent work experience
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in a Media, Communications, Public Relations or related field.
  • A general understanding of Internet terminology
  • Ability to quickly grasp technical concepts
  • Effective and concise written and oral communication skills.
  • Sound judgment and tact.
  • Previous trade association or non-profit environment experience.
  • Strong communication, organisation and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to define objectives, set priorities, and meet deadlines.
  • Ability to implement policy and programme directives.
  • Computer skills including Office Suite and Internet navigation.
  • Ability to work in English, French and other official languages spoken in Africa.
  • Ability to promote AFRINIC Number Resource Management policies.
  • Good knowledge of Africa ICT environment and the Internet Protocol will be an advantage.


2. Reporting Structure:


 3. Key Responsibilities





  • Leads and manages the Communications & PR Department including cross departmental projects
  • Has the responsibility for setting targets, OKRs, KPIs for the department and for the direct reports
  • With collaboration of HR, recruits and selects high performers, develops talent and then recognises and rewards performance.
  • Holds team members accountable with clear objectives, KPI’s, policies and procedures.
  • Drives high performance in the team through managing and coaching the team and providing quality feedback.
  • Facilitates regular team meetings to discuss issues, share knowledge, share achievements.
  • Identifies training and development needs and provides the resources needed to develop team members.
  • Effectively utilise each team member to his/her fullest potential.
  • Motivates the team to work together in the most efficient manner.
  • Keep track of lessons learned and share those lessons with team members.
  • Give an overall direction to the department in line with the organisation’s vision
  • Mitigate team conflicts and communication problems.
  • Maintain a high level of engagement within the team
  • Perform formal and informal appraisals for all department staff.


Promotion of AFRINIC's image and services, Marketing and PR Initiatives

  • Manage the development, distribution and maintenance of all print and electronic collateral including but not limited to newsletters, brochures and AFRINIC website
  • Develop and maintain all AFRINIC marketing and communications material.
  • Track and measure the level of engagement from the community.
  • Develop and manage AFRINIC’s outreach programme. Identify outreach targets and evaluate opportunities for strengthening relationships between AFRINIC and various stakeholders.
  • Ensure that all AFRINIC activities are supported by appropriate communications strategies and materials.  Coordinate communications activities internally within and between all operational functions; and externally with other organisations. Liaise with and support appropriate managers and staff with their marketing and communication needs.
  • In collaboration with other teams as appropriate, work in conjunction with related organisations such as ICANN, AfNOG, ITU and AfTLD.
  • Collaborate with other RIRs on joint activities.
  • Help coordinate joint efforts in communication areas where applicable, among the regional Internet registries (RIRs) through the NRO’s coordination groups.


External Communication, service to the community (including events)

  • Communicate AFRINIC’s policies and actions to members and the Internet community at large through a user-friendly website, appropriate mailing lists, publications and other communication channels and tools as identified
  • Lead the generation of online content that engages audience segments and leads to measurable action. Decide who, where and when to disseminate.
  • Oversee the overall content of the website to ensure accuracy and clarity. Coordinate webpage maintenance.  Ensure that new information (article links, stories and events) is posted regularly and is in line with AFRINIC’s mission and values. Work with other teams to update old information.
  • Coordinate and organise AFRINIC’s events that engage the community. Identify potential hosts and venues.  Solicit sponsors.  Manage logistics.  Coordinate the agenda.  Coordinate registration.  Ensure that the meeting web site is user-friendly, informative, and up to date.
  • Liaise with AFRINIC election/nomination committees for different election processes.


Develop communications strategy and ensure it is delivered

  • Develop and maintain the Communications budget.
  • Develop, implement and evaluate AFRINIC’s annual communications plans across the company’s audiences in collaboration with the AFRINIC team and stakeholders.
  • Identify innovative ways to develop and promote AFRINIC’s image and Mission as appropriate to stakeholders and create momentum and awareness as well as to testing he effectiveness of communications activities.


General Responsibilities

  • Is responsible for the resource and budget planning for the department
  • Ensure that all processes are clearly documented as per ISO 9001 standards
  • Perform other duties as required and assigned by the CEO.


 4. Competencies




  • Ability to effectively lead projects /services organised around a complex array of programme especially those that related to communications and public relations; excellent management skills.
  • Ability to enhance operating efficiency and effectiveness through results and an analytical mind that foster performance improvement.
  • Good understanding of the nomenclature, the ecosystem and the operating culture of the Internet especially in developing Countries and specifically the African continent.
  • Unwavering commitment to quality.
  • Be an example of adding value as both an individual contributor and active team member.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills; a persuasive and passionate communicator.
  • Ability to work with and develop relations across diverse groups and with external partner organisations.
  • Ability to communicate in French and other languages other than English is highly desirable.
  • Ability to remain calm and committed to the team even in difficult situations.
  • Passion, humility, integrity, positive attitude, mission-driven, and self-directed
  • Analytic and decisive decision maker with the ability to prioritise and communicate to staff key objectives and tactics necessary to achieve set goals
  • Action-oriented, flexible, and innovative approach to work
  • Significant international experience that naturally allows empathy for different perspectives on an issue.




  • AFRINIC’s Behavioural Competencies as applicable to managers and as revised from time to time.

 5. AFRINIC Expectations

In carrying out essential duties, an individual should demonstrate commitment to AFRINIC’s mission and values, working as one team towards delivering excellence in service.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Demonstrates a shared commitment to fulfilling team and organisational goals co-operatively
  • Strives for excellence and focuses on continuously improving outcomes
  • Displays professionalism through competence, high standards, self-management and a service ethic
  • Displays integrity through ethical behaviour, constructive contribution, and use of appropriate channels
  • Makes responsible use of member funds through efficient use of time, funds and resources
  • Models respect by being punctual, reliable, prepared, courteous, and responsive



If you wish to apply for this position, please send a letter of motivation accompanied by your CV, both in English, by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , putting as email subject title the job reference;


APPLICATION DEADLINE: 28th February 2019

Start date: As soon as possible

Interviews will be held at AFRINIC office in Ebène or telephone interviews will be conducted for candidates outside Mauritius.

AFRINIC reserves the right to call only the best qualified candidates for an interview and not to make any appointment following this advertisement.


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