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AFRINIC Board Election

Seat 1 – Northern Africa currently filled by Prof Habib Youssef Seat 2 – Western Africa currently filled by Ousmane Ly

Seat 5 – Southern Africa currently filled by Vika Mpisane Seat 6 – Eastern Africa currently filled by Robert Ford Seat 7 – Non-Regional currently filled by Seun Ojedeji


The following proposed candidates will run for the above election: 

SEAT 1 – Northern Africa

  1. Leghris Cherkaoui
  2. Youssef Habib


SEAT 2 – Western Africa

  1. Adedokun Adewale Emmanuel
  2. Ly Ousmane


SEAT 5 – Southern Africa

  1. Mpisane Vika William


SEAT 6 – Eastern Africa

  1. Nkusi Robert Ford


SEAT 7 – Non-Regional

  1. Eshun Benjamin Adzenyamebeye
  2. Ojedeji Oluwaseun Samson


Governance Committee Election

One Governance Committee position up for election, to serve a three-year term from January 2019 to December 2021; currently filled by Isatou Jah.

The following proposed candidate will run for the above election:

  1. Ntumba Kayemba
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