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ICANN ASWG questionnaires assessment (Draft)

Questionnaire No1: It has been argued that ICANN can be more relevant to Africa and ICANN can benefit from increased involvement with Africa. To assist explore these please respond to the questions below

To the question 'What has ICANN done right in the eyes of the African community?', most respondents cited the holding of ICANN's meetings every two years on the continent , on a rotational basis and the establishment of the fellowship programme which has enabled participation of more Africans to ICANN's meetings globally. Also, a few of respondents believe that some of the basic principles that ICANN promotes so that Africa develops and maintains its Internet resources through for example maintaining geographic names and strings reserved for the right owner is the right thing that ICANN does. The effort made in translation, namely into the french language is also perceived as a good point.


What has ICANN not done well in Africa in the eyes of the African community within ICANN?

  • Lack of or none communication of ICANN process to Africa.
  • Inclusion of Geographic names in the new gTLD programme;
  • Approving of sensitive strings against all protests from African ICANN.
  • There is lack of ICANN’s presence in Africa,
  • Poor communication and outreach on the new gTLD programme in Africa
  • Failure in working with African cctlds
  • There is lack of understanding of the Continent’s economic and developmental environment by ICANN Board and staff.
  • The implication of high level government members in Icann activities;
  • The development of African ccTLD’s and their support;
  • The cooperation with African regional organizations

What do you wish the most for ICANN to do in interest of Africa?

  • Inclusion of Africa in the activities of ICANN.
  • Increase the participation of Africans in ICANN constituencies, meetings by stepping up outreach programs in the Continent thereby creating the much needed awareness among the technical and business people in Africa. 
  •  Appointment of a VP for Africa. 
  • Support, train, communicate ICANN to the African Governments and create linkages with Academia. 
  • Build capacity for African cctlds
  • develop a closer link with the AF*
  • ICANN should listen more Africans' needs
  • Conduct special research on the understanding of internet and ICT business in the Continent, especially the new gTLD. 
  • Create focus group on Africa. 
  • Set up an Africa bureau for ICANN
  • Develop special waivers to facilitate accreditation of more registrars in Africa;
  • Reorient the JAS programme so that it could benefit African registrars and help build a local domain name industry
  • Promote and support sensitization campaigns, communication and training activities as related to ICANN and its programmes, using media and targeting local languages

How can the African community in ICANN best help ICANN?

  • African Community in ICANN should present ICANN to African Governments and Businesses. Participate effectively in all ICANN constituencies, Working Groups and contribute to the work of ICANN. 
  • Create opportunities for partnership with ICANN in Africa.
  • By suggesting home grown solutions to African reality and issues, as they may rise within ICANN's processes
  • Develop a permanent communication plateforme on Icann policies within Africaines
  • Educate African decision makers on ICANN's activities;
  • Focus on ensuring that African stakeholders particularly governments have the right capacity in terms of the basic understanding of ICANN’s role and functions and how it fits within the Internet governance area more broadly so that Africa properly develops and manages its Internet resources.
  • Support the expansion and growth of African ccTLDs through incentives and capacity building activities including ensuring that Africa’s and its communities’ specific needs are met. 
  • The introduction of the DotAfrica which is being supported by the African Union Commission and ECA is expected to create an attractive regional home for the Pan-African Internet community, as the first sponsored registry to be operating from Africa and serving the specific needs of its communities. 
  • Icann to better use Africa's on going national and regional fora on Internet governance to ensure its presence and contributions.
  • By accessing to leadership positions in Icann;
  • Improving organization participation in meetings (online meetings on topics of Icann, geographic organization and country)

What are barriers to ICANN in Africa?

  • Lack of knowledge of the work of ICANN by the Business Sector in Africa.
  • Under developed ICT infrastructure; poor connectivity
  • Lack of Professionals and Private Sector interest. Non-participation of Private Sector and Government which still are very much the driver of economic activities in Africa.
  • Lack of specific programmes for building capacities on ICANN policies and procedures
  • Linguistic barrier as most documents are in English

How best to improve African participation in ICANN?

  • Main streaming of internet and domain name business in all sectors of African economy.
  • Proper and effective communications to the Governments of Africa. 
  • Organize sensitization and training for the African communities
  • Pursue translation of working documents
  • Propose digests for working documents
  • Africans to organise strategic working groups to prepare and master issues pertaining to ICANN


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