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ICANN ASWG questionnaires assessment (Draft)

Assessment of ASWG questionnaires || 05 September 2012

From 10 July to 20 August the Africa Strategy working Group, which was set up by ICANN at its 44th meeting in Prague, administered a set of two questionnaires on the AfrICANN list . The pursued objective was to engage with the community on the one hand, and collect community opinions and recommendations as to the Icann Africa strategy on the other hand.

The questionnaires had to components, each of them with subsequent sub questions : the first component sought to assess the relevance of ICANN to Africa, and also the benefits ICANN could derive from further involvement in Africa. The second component puts to test the suggestion that an ICANN's physical presence in Africa should improve the Organisation's image and activities in Africa.

A total of 18 respondents filled out the questionnaires and were from the following constituencies and countries :

  • At large/Civil society/registrants : 6
  • Registry/registrars : 3
  • Governments : 3
  • Academia : 2
  • ND (non defined) : 4

Respondents' countries included : Burkina Faso; Kenya; Nigeria; Cameroon; DRC; Tunisia; Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania , Niger, Congo and Mali.

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