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Analysis of the future exhaustion of the IPv4 Central pool (Archive)


2) History of IP addressing in the AfriNIC region.

In fact, our continent was probably the last to be connected "full IP " to the internet. The first notion to be spread about IP addresses in the region was about their scarcity hence a very extensive use of NAT. Some networks are even subjected to several levels of NAT. It is not uncommon to see big operators supplying a whole country with small PA assignments behind of NAT. These issues still persist despite the evolution of time and knowledge. Other factors include the size of our ISPs which according to the market and especially the economic situation of the countries are quite insignificant. This situation was also emphasized by the inadequacy of the IP address allocation policies applied by the RIRs that served the various regions of the continent before the establishment of AfriNIC.


It should however be noted that utilization and consumption of public IP addresses started to evolve recently due to several factors such as creation of the African Regional Internet Registry, availability of large bandwidth connections to an increasing number of African countries and access to fiber links in several countries.

Despite this sensible progress, our region still holds the lowest IP address consumption rate. All this is accompanied by a significant indifference by the majority of the actors in our community to the problems linked to the system of IP addressing particularly and Internet governance in general.


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