Policy development guide

Every policy document has a unique reference and status. The status of a proposal evolves according to the diffrerent steps it goes through in the policy development process.


Guide to Status of Policy Documents
Proposal-Draft Status given upon Initial submission on to the mailing list.
Proposal-Consensus-Accepted There is consensus on this document the last time consensus was evaluated.
Proposal-No Consensus There is No consensus AND proposal has been is sent to the list for further discussion.
Proposal-Consensus-Rejected There is Consensus to totally reject the proposal.
Proposal-Withdrawn The author of the proposal withdraws a policy at any stage.
Awaiting Approval The PDWG chairs have sent a proposal to the board for ratification.
Approved Proposal has been approved by AFRINIC board, awaiting implementation.
Implemented Proposal has been implemented by staff. It is now a full policy.
Obsolete The policy is rendered obsolete by another implemented policy proposal.


Format of Reference ID for Policy Documents

Every policy proposal has a unique identifier of the general format  "AFPUB-YYYY-Category-Number" plus "-draft-nn" where

  • YYYY=year in long format eg 2011
  • Category refers to what category this policy addresses eg v4=IPv4, v6-IPv6, DNS=all DNS related, GEN=general and all other, ASN=AS Numbers
  • Number= Serial number within that year starting from 001 for that category of policy documents.
  • nn=Integer that starts with 01 and increases by 1 for every new version of the proposal. 
  • If/when the proposal becomes implemented, the "draft-nn" shall be dropped from the final version which shall then become the policy.
As an example AFPUB-2011-v4-002 is the second policy within 2011 relating to IPv4 and it if it ends up having 4 versions, it progress thus: AFPUB-2011-v4-002-draft-01 -->AFPUB-2011-v4-002-draft-02 -->AFPUB-2011-v4-002-draft-03 -->AFPUB-2011-v4-002-draft-04 -->AFPUB-2011-v4.


How to Participate in the Policy Process


How to Propose a Policy

In order to propose a policy, proceed as follows:

  1. If you have not already done so, please read and understand the Policy Development Process.
  2. If you are not already a member of the Resource Policies Discussion (rpd) mailing list, please subscribe to the rpd mailing list, it is the primary medium for discussing policy proposals.
  3. Send a copy of your policy proposal using the template below to policy-submission[at]AFRINIC.net . The AFRINIC Policy Liaison will give feedback about the content and format of your proposal (if necessary) and then issue you a unique identifier.
  4. Once you get a unique identifier, send your policy proposal to the rpd mailing list. It will subsequently be put online on the AFRINIC policy page.
Template for Submitting Policy Proposals


------------------------[Proposal Header]-----------------------

Unique identifier (assigned by AFRINIC):

Draft Policy Name:
      (a) Author1.Name | Author1.Email_Address | Author1.Affiliation
      (b) Author2.Name | Author2.Email_Address | Author2.Affiliation
      (n) Authorn.Name | Authorn.Email_Address | Authorn.Affiliation    

Draft Policy Version

Submission Date

Related Policies (where applicable)


------------------------[Proposal Header]-----------------------

[1] Summary of the Problem Being Addressed by this Policy Proposal

[2] Summary of How this Proposal Addresses the Problem

[3] Proposal (Please use sub-numbering so as to make it easy to reference in discussions)

[4] Revision History (for all but the very first draft)

4.1 Version nn

Change: .......................... (description of the change)
Reason for Change:..........(why was it changed?)

4.2 Version nn

Change: .......................... (description of the change)
Reason for Change:..........(why was it changed?)


5.0 References