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12 Nov 2015 - Unauthorised mass mailing on members list


12 November 2015 - Unauthorised mass mailing on members list


Following a potential new member application, notifications were sent to members list which contains addresses with auto-responders. Consequently an email loop was generated. We are sorry for any inconveniences caused and are actively busy fixing the issue.




12 November 2015 - Unauthorised mass mailing on members list


Dear members,


Please be advised that the email loop was contained.



Root Cause


With the deployment of the New Member Registration Portal, new applicants are requested to provide three types of contacts (ADMIN, TECH and BILLING) either by specifying details or entering the contacts NICHDL. Contacts provided are sent a copy of said application.


Unfortunately, in this particular case, an applicant who did not understand how to fill the form entered instead the words ADMIN, TECH and BILLING in the respective fields. Consequently, the system automatically retrieved from the WHOIS database, several contacts with either ADMIN, TECH or BILLING value in the person name and sent a copy of the application to each of them.


We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this incident and have implemented a few additional controls in order to prevent such situations from occurring again.