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CRISP Team Selection Process in AFRINIC

 Dear colleagues,

As you know the NRO, the coordinating organisation of the five RIR’s, is putting together the Consolidated RIR IANA Stewardship Proposal (CRISP) Team, composed of 15 individuals, to prepare the consolidated proposal for the Number community. Each RIR will appoint 3 people from their region (2 from the community and 1 staff member).  More information about the RIR’s IANA Transition process and the CRISP team is available at:

Each Regional Internet Registry is expected to appoint their CRISP team members by a method of its own choosing by the latest 15th November 2014. The AFRINIC Board has decided that it will select the two communities representatives to the CRISP Team from a list volunteers nominated by the community.

Because of the urgency and the need for transparency, the Board has approved the following timelines for the selection of the member from the community:

1. Call for Nominations to be issued - 27 Oct 2014

2. Expression of Interest by Candidates, latest 7td Nov 2014

3. Selection of AFRINIC representative by the Boards , latest 12th Nov 2014

4. Communication of the final selection to the community, latest 14th Nov 2014.

A call for nomination will be sent shortly after this message.

Sunday Folayan

Vice Chair