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Staff Assessment - Anycast Assignments in the AFRINIC region

Analysis and assessment of proposal AFPUB-2012-V4-001-DRAFT-01 (Anycast Assignments in the AFRINIC region) || Date of Assessment: 10-02-2013


How the staff understands the proposal

The proposal allows the issuance of IPv4 space (/24 minimum) explicitly for anycast services.


Staff Comments

  • Previous requests for anycast services have been denied, since the requested /24 (or other size) must meet the immediate 50% utilization requirement in the End User policy. Most anycast services need a few IP addresses immediately, not the entire /24, hence would be denied under current policy. This proposal guides AFRINIC appropriately when handling and evaluating these types of requests.
  • The proposal would be implemented with minimal impact on internal AFRINIC resources.


Legal Aspects

 At the moment we do not foresee any legal aspects and if they are envisaged in due course, our legal counsel will advise.


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