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Anycast Assignments in the AfriNIC region


  • Ref. Name:
  • Ammends:
    • AFPUB-2005-v4-001,
    • AFPUB-2006-GEN-001,
    • AFPUB-2010-v4-005-draft-05
  • Status:
  • Date:
    17 Apr 2012
  • Author:
  • Tim McGinnis
  • Mark J Elkins
  • Staff Asseessment

1) Summary of the Problem

Unless one is in charge of "critical infrastructure" in the AFRINIC region, an organization cannot get an allocation or assignment purely for anycast or GPRS Roaming Exchange (GRX) usage. There are organizations that would like to use anycast/GRX for non-critical infrastructure in the region, but cannot due to policy limitations.

In addition, current anycast practice announces an entire /24. AFRINIC current IPv4 policy states that the minimum allocation size on initial allocation is a /22. To use a /22 for anycast when you potentially are only using a few addresses in the block is wasteful.


2) Summary of How this Policy Addresses the Problem

This policy allows the use of one (1) /24 of IPv4 for anycast services from a PA allocation or end user assignment. These /24s will be assumed to be "fully utilised" by AfriNIC staff when considering utilisation for first allocation or for an additional allocation or assignment.


3) Policy

3.1 An organization may obtain one (1) /24 IPv4 prefix for anycast or GRX purposes from an allocation or end-user assignment. These prefixes must be used for the sole purpose of anycasting web or authoritative DNS servers as described in BCP126/RFC 4786 or for GPRS Roaming Exchange.

These prefixes will count as being fully utilised when an organization applies for additional resources. The utilization criteria that apply to all IPv4 initial allocation or assignment requests shall be waived for anycast allocation or assignment requests.


3.2 Blocks used for anycast services cannot be further assigned or sub-allocated. They shall be tagged with the status attribute in the AfriNIC DB as "ASSIGNED ANYCAST".


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