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ASWG - Terms of Reference


3. Membership

3.1. The initial membership were Pierre Dandjinou, Tarek Kamel and Nii Quaynor however after some considerations Maimouna Diop Diagne and Palesa Legoze were added. There was also identified the need to include regional representatives to enrich the working group. Furthermore as a result of a request from the new CEO, Tarek Kamel withdrew from the working group to undertake other assignments for ICANN.


3.2. The current membership are Maimouna Diop Diagne, Palesa Legoze, Pierre Dandjinou and Nii Quaynor.


3.3. Five regional representatives will be nominated to join the working group.


3.4. Two experts from the region will be co-opted to join the working group.


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