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Online Voting


Single Ballot Verifier (before casting)


Use this to verify a single ballot prior to casting your real ballot. These ballots are not cast and will not be counted. They are just here for auditing purposes, to check or confirm that voters' choices are properly encrypted. Click on 'Select your ballot audit info' to select all the text in the text area. Copy the selection and then click on 'ballot verifier' (a new window or tab will be opened) to open the ballot verifier where you will be able to paste the text you just copied.




After verifying the ballot, you can post the result of the audit to the ballot tracking center by clicking 'post audited ballot to tracking center'. This will allow everyone to see that you audited your ballot. After pasting the text you copied, click on 'Verify' to start the verification process.


The system will do the verification and post the results as below.


You can go back to the main voting booth and either post audited ballot in the tracking center or go back to cast a real vote.


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