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Vinton Cerf visits AFRINIC headquarters


We had the privilege to welcome Dr Vinton Cerf at our premises in Mauritius on September 9. When AFRINIC was accredited as Regional Registry in 2005, Vint was ICANN’s Chairman.


For him it was an opportunity to see how the organisation has evolved for the past seven years. Vint is known as one of the ‘Fathers of the Internet’ and is the Chairman of ARIN (the Number Registry for North America) and Google’s Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist.


Whilst in our premises Vint was introduced to all the staff. He highlighted the important work AFRINIC is doing for Internet growth in Africa and said that we should all feel proud about this. He had a very interactive session with the group on the evolution of the Internet in Africa. Vint shared his vision of the future Internet - the ‘Internet of Things’ and Artificial Intelligence to a very attentive audience. He concluded his talk on several innovative projects and the way these may profoundly change our lives in the near future.


Vint was in Mauritius for a visit where he participated in the IEEE AFRICON 2013 Conference held from 09 to 12 September. He also paid a courtesy visit to Mr Kailash Puryag, the President of Mauritius.

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