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AFRINIC Resource Member's Meet

AFRINIC Resource Member’s Meet (ARMM) in Brazzaville, Congo

You are invited to attend the AFRINIC’s Outreach that will take place in Brazzaville, from 11-15 April 2017, during the OSIANE 17 event. Please join us for a great day of exchanging with to AFRINIC staff about any of your concern related to your  AFRINIC membership and IP resources.

What Is ARMM ?

AFRINIC Resource Member’s Meet (ARMM) gives AFRINIC’s resource members in the country the opportunity to meet AFRINIC staff in a focus group approach and discuss on the latest news from AFRINIC on a variety of topics, notably AFRINIC services, current policy discussions, the path to IPv4 exhaustion as well as the status of IPv6 adoption.


The AFRINIC Members’ Meet is free and open to registered contacts of the AFRINIC Resource Members in the country that we are visiting. We also encourage and give opportunity to the participants to speak one-on-one with an AFRINIC staff member about queries regarding as to how to request for/manage their Internet Number Resources (IPv4, IPv6 & ASN) or a topic that was not covered in the earlier sessions.


Agenda Overview

The tentative agenda of this one-day event will help you to learn more about:

  • AFRINIC’s Mission and Services
  • Policy Development Process
  • Policy under discussion
  • AFRINIC Services
  • Path to Exhaustion – Should we be concerned?
  • Engagement - How member can engage with AFRINIC?
  • IPv6 Adoption – Status
  • DNSSEC and Resource Certification
  • AFRINIC Services & Tools (Whois, MyAFRINIC, etc..)
  • Membership fees and invoices

The day will conclude with an open discussion, followed by face-to-face discussions with an AFRINIC staff on-site if required by participants.


Palais des congrès de Brazzaville


AFRINIC Staff members


Alan Barrett
Chief Executive Officer

Radha Ramphul
Customer Service Manager