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Ernest Byaruhanga, AFRINIC's Policy Coordinator provides us with an update on the recent policy discussions in the AFRINIC service region.

With less than 30 million IPv4 addresses left in the AFRINIC inventory, it’s not surprising that policy discussions in the region have been centred around IPv4 conservation and exhaustion. During the 23rd AFRINIC Public Policy Meeting held in Pointe Noire in December 2015, the following policy proposals were discussed at length:



Mukom Tamon, Head of AFRINIC's Capacity Building department shares his views on Circle ID on why IPv6 deployment is slow in Africa.

Why IPv6 Deployment is Slow in Africa and What to Do About It

We (the global corps of IPv6 evangelists) have done the trainings (over 200 training sessions in about 45 countries in Africa alone and counting). We've done the conferences (several variations of IPv6 World, IPv6 Business Conferences, IPv6 Hours and Days at the Africa Internet Summits, etc).

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23708088613 667f0d2f87 zAs we head into 2016, we take a look back over AFRINIC's key achievements, events and milestones throughout 2015.




2015 in Numbers

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