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FIRE Capacity building workshop at the AIS'16 in Gaborone

The Fund for Internet Research and Education (FIRE Africa) Programme will host a Business development and marketing training from the 7th to 9th of June 2016 at the Africa Internet Summit 2016 (AIS'16) in Gaborone, Botswana.

Every year AFRINIC organises two public policy meetings. The AFRINIC Public Policy Meetings attracts industry professionals in a very open and cooperative environment. They provide a unique opportunity for all Internet-related organisations to dialogue on the Internet policies governing our region, through policy development and discussions, sharing of technical knowhow, tutorials and training.

The goal of the FIRE Africa workshop is to provide participants with the skills required to manage their startups professionally and be able to seek funding from potential donors.

The three-day workshop will cover a range of topics relevant to project management as well as a session on Business Management, Marketing, communication, Social Media and its impact on business. The FIRE Programme encourages innovative approaches to Internet infrastructure development in Africa by using the small grants funding mechanism to enable localised organisations to implement creative initiatives. FIRE programme recipients are encouraged to share their knowledge and learned experiences, so others can benefit from applying innovative solutions to their unique challenges. Another benefit for FIRE programme project teams is the exposure to a wider group of potential partners and donors, as the success of each initiative may bring projects to a larger scale. Effective management of projects is a critical skill needed by any team wishing to bring their initiative to the next level.

This workshop will be video recorded as a free webinar and uploaded on the FIRE programme website as well as AFRINIC’s YouTube channel, youtube.com/AfriNICMedia to benefit anyone looking to enhance their skills. Teaching pattern will include Lectures, videos, case studies, and group work presentations.

More on the FIRE Programme here.

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