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Get your support from AFRINIC’s IPv6 deployment Helpdesk



AFRINIC’s survey on IPv6 deployment carried out in 2017 identified ‘lack of confidence’ in deploying IPv6 and adopting other key technologies as one the main challenges holding back IPv6 deployment in Africa.

The IPv6 deployment Helpdesk was thus created to support and accompany engineers in their move towards IPv6 deployment in their networks and the adoption of the Internet Routing Registry and RPKI. 

The service is free of charge and provides a step by step guidance to accomplish the deployment of IPv6, IRR and RPKI over a period of time.

As a result, network operators can now benefit from a large array of services on offer. The dedicated support programme helps them achieve the following:

- Kickstart their IPv6 deployment if they are not sure where and how to start
- Estimate their IPv6 network needs and get an IPv6 block
- Create an IPv6 deployment project plan
- Create an IPv6 address plan and implement it in an IPAM. No more spreadsheets in IPv6
- Advertise their IPv6 prefix
- Implement RPKI and secure their advertisements
- Perform an IPv6 infrastructure audit
- Enable IPv6 in the core of their networks
- Enable IPv6 on services they have in their networks (DNS, mail, web, etc.)
- Enable IPv6 for their customers  

AFRINIC has so far worked with 60 organisations and would like to see more networks deploy IPv6.

To benefit from this free service, access our support platform at   http://bit.ly/6Deploy-EN

Let’s deploy IPv6 to make our networks more secure!

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