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New Partnership to deliver AFRINIC IPv6 certification exams

AFRINIC has partnered with the National Telecommunications Institute (NTI) from Egypt to conduct examinations under the AFRINIC and IPv6 Forum certification program.


Network engineers from the Northern African region who are willing to receive this valuable IPv6 certification will now be able to take exams at the underlined facility in Egypt.

Interested candidates are thus invited to register for this examination at: https://certi6.io/en/register

AFRINIC runs certi::6, a multi-tiered program of written exams under the IPv6 Forum certification program. The program validates the knowledge and skills required to plan, design, configure, manage and troubleshoot multi-vendor IPv6 networks. The exam is delivered in English and in French under the following three categories: Silver, Gold and Trainers. 

Since 2017, when the program was launched, more than 100 candidates have taken part in these examinations. We have signed MoUs with partners to conduct such examinations in Cameroon, Columbia, DRC, Kenya, Mali, Senegal, Tunisia, and now Egypt represented by NTI. 

More Information about AFRINIC’s certi::6 program is available at <https://certi6.io/en/>

For additional information, contact the certification manager at: registrar[dot]certi6[at]afrinic[dot]net

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