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FIRE Africa Grants and Awards Winners to Attend Workshop in Pointe Noire, Congo

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Nine FIRE Grant/Award winners are on their way to Pointe Noire, Congo to take part in the FIRE Africa Workshop on Business Development Knowledge & Skills (Part 2). Held during the AFRINIC-23 Meeting, taking place from 28 November-4 December, the workshop will equip the participants with knowledge about finance, accounting, corporate structures, funding sources and the financial reporting required for the FIRE Africa programme.


The following FIRE Africa Grant and Award winners will take part:

Capacity Building
Workshops like these are just one of the ways that FIRE Africa contributes to capacity building throughout Africa. Workshop participants learn new skills that help them refine, expand and develop their ICT projects. They are then actively encouraged to share their knowledge and lessons-learned in their local communities so that others can also benefit. Part 1 of this workshop was held in 2014 during the Africa Internet Summit (AIS)/AFRINIC-21 Meeting and participants were trained in marketing and sales. Jayson Johannes, South Africa, Fire Grant winner 2013, attended the FIRE Africa Workshop on Business Development Knowledge & Skills (Part 1) in Tunis, Tunisa, June 2015 and says:

"Our trainer managed to squeeze in a quick lesson on finance, which was most useful; it helped us understand its importance and how to interpret information properly to maintain financial success in our businesses. I’ve already started to implement the lessons learnt in Tunis into my businesses back home.”

About FIRE Africa
fire fondTransparentFIRE Africa provides funds for projects, initiatives, tools and platforms that harness the power of the Internet to empower the local and regional community to solve the region’s unique online communications problems. Since we ran our pilot project in 2007 to identify innovative ICT solutions to the challenges faced by local communities, FIRE Africa has grown into a fully-fledged programme that has helped over 30 initiatives in 16 countries over the last eight years.

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