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Countdown to AFRINIC-23: What to Expect

alan barrettAFRINIC staff have already arrived in Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo, and are busy setting up the AFRINIC-23 meeting network, double-checking logistics and putting the finishing touches to the meeting venue alongside our host, ARPCE. I'm looking forward to a packed week at AFRINIC-23, which begins on 28th November, when the African Internet community, together with interested people from outside of Africa, will convene to discuss key issues in African Internet development, attend technical workshops and tutorials, and discuss regional and global Internet policy development matters.


What's on the Agenda?
We've got workshops and tutorials taking place from 28 November - 2 December, on topics including IPv6 Deployment, DNSSEC, CSIRT Services, Internet Number Resource Management (INRM), RPKI, DNSSEC and how to handle Web Defacement Incidents. Nine of our FIRE Africa Grant/Award winners are also on their way to Pointe Noire to take part in the FIRE Africa Workshop on Business Development Knowledge & Skills (Part 2). This workshop will equip the participants with knowledge about finance, accounting, corporate structures, funding sources and the financial reporting required for the FIRE Africa programme.

The African Government Working Group (AfGWG), a forum for regulators and other government representatives to discuss Internet issues, will hold its session on 1 December at 14:00 (UTC+1).

Technical Presentations and Updates from AFRINIC and Sister Organisations
Later in the week, there will be technical presentations and updates from each of AFRINIC's department heads on AFRINIC activities and progress. There will also be updates from each of the other four RIRs, the Number Resource Organization (NRO), the Address Supporting Organization (ASO), the IANA and the Consolidated RIR IANA Stewardship Proposal (CRISP) Team. ICANN will also give an update on the progress of its Africa Strategy.

Social Events
Of course, no AFRINIC Meeting would be complete without our famous social events and we're looking forward to seeing you at our Welcome Cocktail on 1 December. There will also be food, dancing, music and more at our traditional Gala Dinner on 3 December. Traditional dress and national costumes are optional but highly encouraged.

Internet Evolution

AFRINIC-23 is coming at a time of great change in the Internet industry. The transition of the IANA Functions away from US Government oversight and into the hands of the Internet’s multistakeholder community is in full swing. The Cross Community Working Group (CCWG) on Accountability has just released the Third Draft Proposal on Work Stream 1 Recommendations, containing the accountability mechanisms that it recommends should be in place when IANA Functions are no longer overseen by the NTIA. I expect that many of our discussions during the week will focus on the transition and how we, as a community, and a continent, must continue to make sure our needs are met.

Policy Development Discussions
As we head into 2016 as the RIR with the largest supply of IPv4 address space, discussions surrounding how and where our IPv4 space is being used will also be a hot topic for the community. Policy discussions will take place all day on Wednesday, 2 December, from 11:00 (UTC+1). Among others, we'll be discussing two key policy proposals:

The current AFRINIC policies state that members based in Africa are eligible to apply for resources from AFRINIC, but there is debate about the extent to which these resources may be used outside the AFRINIC region as part of a member's network. I'd like to encourage the community to continue to participate actively in the policy development process to decide how we want our IPv4 address space to be used as we enter this new phase of Internet development. If you can't be in Pointe Noire in person, you can take part remotely and make sure your voice is heard during all sessions, including the policy related ones.

Special General Members' Meeting

I'd also like to remind all AFRINIC Members that a Special General Members' Meeting (SGMM) will be held Thursday, 3 December. The SGMM will consider the 2014 audited financial statements (which were not quite ready at the AFRINIC-22 meeting in Tunis earlier this year), and will further discuss the proposed AFRINIC Governance Committee. You can find all relevant documents below in order to prepare yourself for the meeting:

 Non-members are also welcome to observe the proceedings. Remote participation will also be facilitated.

Bon Voyage!
Finally, please check the travel information page for lots of practical information, and fill in your arrival information on the Meeting Registration Form so that we can assist you with visa on arrival and transport to your hotel.

Bon voyage and safe travels. I'm looking forward to seeing old faces and meeting new ones!

Alan Barrett


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