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ICANN 59 Johannesburg: How You Can Participate

The ICANN 59 Meeting is taking place in Johannesburg from 26-29 June 2017. Find out how you can participate – in person or remotely - in this important Internet policy forum.

ICANN meetings provide the opportunity for an internationally diverse group of individuals and organizations to come together to discuss and develop policies for the Internet‘s naming systems. Meetings are held three times a year in a different part of the world to ensure maximum global participation and this meeting is held right here in our region. 

Participate Remotely

Just because you are not able to attend in person does not mean that your voice should not be head. The event offers high-quality live streaming and remote participation tools. Importantly for our region, low-bandwidth options are also provided and simultaneous translation into some of the continent’s widely spoken languages - French, Portuguese and Arabic - is facilitated for many sessions.

Get Involved with Africa’s At-Large Community

At-Large is the name for the community of individual Internet users who participate in the policy development work of ICANN. Around 220 At-Large Structures (ALSes) in 100 countries and territories represent the views of individual Internet users throughout the world. Our region is represented by the African Regional At-Large Organisation (AFRALO) and participation is open to everyone. AFRALO will be organising and taking part in many sessions during the ICANN 59 Meeting.

Sessions to Attend

You can find the full agenda here, but we’ve highlighted a few sessions that you might want to attend below. You can prepare yourself with pre-meeting documents, presentations and policy reports here.

All times are shown in local time (SAST, UTC +2). 

Monday 26 June

Tuesday 27 June

Wednesday 28 June

Thursday 29 June

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