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WHOIS Crypt and other Utilities


Protecting your data in the AFRINIC Database


Important: Please note that CRYPT-PW and MD5-PW are now deprecated.

As such they may not be used in new DB objects or any future updates. For the time being, existing CRYPT-PW or MD5-PW secured maintainer objects can still be used for authentication. Future releases of the WHOIS DB may remove support completely.

If you have a CRYPT or MD5 protected password in your maintainer object, please update it to a BCRYPT-PW as soon as possible.

This tool can be used to generate BCRYPT-PW passwords to be used in the auth: attribute of the maintainer objects in the AFRINIC Whois database. Please see: AFRINIC WHOIS DB Security


You can also check our IP Tools and more information on how to protect your data in the AFRINIC Database.




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