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AFRINIC Budget 2013


As a follow up from our 2009-2011 Strategic Plan, we started at the end of 2011 to draw our priorities for 2012-2014. AFRINIC has grown since 2009 and is facing, as many other similar organisations, the challenge of continuing to grow while maintaining the right balance between growth and sustainability. We are all operating in an environment constantly evolving with the Internet playing a critical role in all facets of our lives. An organisation like ours should be sufficiently flexible and resilient to transform itself and adjust to the ever-changing environment. In 2012, we introduced the first phase of AFRINIC transformation with a major operation restructuring followed by a profound review of the organisation's Bylaws. The restructuring has been implemented, and the new Bylaws ratified by the Board. These two steps were important in setting the foundation of an organisation that can continue to support the community while developing services and programmes that contribute to the development of the regional Internet governance ecosystem.


2012 Budget Achievement Highlights

AFRINIC continued to implement its new structure in 2012 while working on various projects as planned. We ended the year with an overall positive exercise even though our target in terms of revenue (membership) was not met. Several factors contributed to the situation with the adjustments required to effect the new structure being the most culpable. Our operating costs grew by 18% compared to 2011 while our revenue increased by 19% during the same period. The table below gives a summary of the forecast financial situation as of December 2012 (All in USD). The numbers for 2012 have not yet been audited and so remain provisional.


Table-1: Overview of 2012 financial situation

Forecast 2012 Budget 2012 2012 Actual/Budget Actual 2011 Actual 2012/2011
US$ US$ % US$ %
Incomes 2,858,623 3,152,128 90% 2,393,485 19%
Operating Costs 2,822,508 3,147,736 89% 2,389,663 18%
Surplus/(Deficit) 26,115 35,392 -26% 3,822 583%
Total Reserves 1,477,226 1,466,503 1% 1,431,111


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