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Cape Town Meeting 2005

Attendees: Pierre Dandjinou (PD) Adiel Akplogan (AA) Viv Padayatchy (VP) Kenny Yiptong (KY) Alan Levin (AL) Alan Barett (AB) Didier Kasole (DK) Mokhtar Hamidi (MH) Appolgise: Charles Musisi Brian Longwe Sunday Folayan Afrinic staff: Nooriah Woozeer (NW) Ernest Byaruhanga (EB) Minutes taken by: Nooriah Woozeer Agenda: 0- Agenda Bashing 1- Last Meeting Minute Adoption 2- Afrinic Activities' update 3- Afrinic financial Status 4- 2005 Budget and Cash Flow 5- Afrinic activities plan for 2005 (Including Transition Plan) 6- AfriNIC Communication Plan (including website) 7- Afrinic -II and III meeting 8- Status of various committees (meeting, financial, communication) 9- Afrinic and International Community (ASO, NRO) 10- Various Committee Update 11- Set up status in different countries 12- AOB - 2005 Board Election (2 sites will be vacant from May 2005- Central and Indian Ocean) 13- Board Meeting Plan for 2005 The meeting started at 15h20 at the Cape Castle Hotel. Meeting was chaired by PD. 1. Last meeting minute adoption ------------------------------- Review of Action Items: ACTION ITEM # 090904-01(ALL): Press Release related to Afrinic's provisional recognition form ICANN was supposed to be sent to local and International press. That was done ACTION ITEM #090904-02(PD): Discussion on Afrinic Training Programs There were no discussions on the Afrinic board list (still open) ACTION ITEM #090904-03: All members should send a budget for attending the Cape Town Meeting to the CEO. ACTION ITEM 090904-04 (AA): Done Should propose Cape Town's meeting's budget to the board for approval ACTION ITEM 090904-05 Shortlist of logo - Done and logo was selected [Note that these Actions ITEM number are coming from the previous minute] 2. Afrinic activites' update ---------------------------- A. AA gave a brief summary about Afrinic's first training which was held in Ouagadougou. He informed the board that the training was very successful B. Afrinic is actually seting up the RIPE WHOIS server. Afrinic has requested more support from RIPE NCC for the server. AA informed that Axel the Managing Director of RIPE NCC will dedicate some staff to support the whois setup. C. Registration Database: AA stated that the first choice was to develop our own registration database VP and DK pointed out that since this is very time consuming, we should use the two other registration software which already exist. DK inquired about why the development of our own registration database didn't start earlier. AA explained that this couldn't start early because of the very little resource available at AfriNIC and no DB specialist available at AfriNIC. That was one of the reason of the Senior Software Engineer position opened some time ago. The second choice is to use the APINIC software PD suggested we test APINIC software VP and AB suggested we use flat file initially We are currently using both RIPE and APINIC database. D. KY announced the visit planned by ARIN staff to AfriNIC office in Mauritius. AA explain that this visit is part of the transition plan activities and its purpose is to make sue that AfriNIC is Administratively ready to operate. Readiness of office for Arin's Visit: - Physical security - Furniture - Phone - Fax - Internet connection - Computers - Accounting software - Signs - Certificate of registration - Lease agreement E.Discussion about AfriNIC outreach committees. No report was presented! No formal program available and the committee is called to work on it for the next meeting. F. It was discussed that hiring a Chief Financial Officer is crucial. Approved by all. The CEO should take action on that! 3-Afrinic's financial Status ---------------------------- An accounting software should be choosen for AfriNIC. Decision regarding the selection of Pastel as the accounting software should be finalized. It has been agreed that collecting invoices are very important. There are 13 members and only 8 of them pay their membership fees. PD raised issue of external communication archiving. AA should make sure all communications are archived and stored. 4-2005 Budget ------------- AA presented the drafted budget for 2005 and cash flow. 5- Afrinic Activities plan for 2005 (Including transition plan) --------------------------------------------------------------- AL requested the transition plan in a different format (showing what has been done, what is being done and what has not been done) 6- Afrinic Communication plan (including website) ----------------------------- AA informed that there is a plan to update the design of the website and to translate it also. 7- Afrinic II and III meeting ----------------------------- It was discussed about where the Afrinic II and III meeting should be held. It was agreed that Afrinic II will be held in Maputo, Mozambique. Proposed dates for the meeting are 26th and 27th April. Afrinic III to be held in North Africa, either Morocco or Egypt in October 2005. 8- Status of Various committees ------------------------------- PD stated that the various committees should be more active. They should elect a chairperson amongst themselves and should report to the board about their activities. 9- Afrinic and international Community (ASO & NRO) -------------------------------------------------- AA explain that as AfriNIC will be fully recognized shortly, it will be very important to start organizing formal participation to ASO (AC) and NRO (NC)body. AfriNIC has to fill three seats in the ASO AC and three seats in the NRO. It was requested from AA to propose interim representatives of AfriNIC in the ASO AC and NRO AC 10- Various Committee update ---------------------------- Outreach -more organized in fund raising 11- Set up in different countries --------------------------------- Head quarter office in Mauritius- almost done as far as setting up the office is concerned. Will hire CFO Office in Pretoria- ok. Will hire a software engineer Egypt- it was suggested that the person working in Egypt can also be an IP analyst. PD proposed that we need to have an Africa press list and that we should have an archive for Media and Press. Seconded and approved by all. 12. AOB ------- - Appointment of Board Members as Directors- raised by VP.AA and KY will be responsible for all paperwork related to same - PD inquired about the staffing and contractual issues. All job contracts have been reviewed by our legal adviser. AA will present his job contract to PD and the contract will be vetted by the board. --- The meeting was adjourned by PD at 18h00 and seconded by PD and AB.--- ------------- ACTION ITEMS: ------------- Action Item [20041205-01] (AA) Afrinic should make an evaluation on registration database before January 15th Action Item [20041205-02] (AA) To select appropriate accounting software. Action Item [20041205-03] (AL & AB) To advertise for the vacancy for the Software Engineer post in specified IT Magazines as well as SA local press. Deadline for vacancy is 15th of January. Alan Barett and Alan Levin will be responsible for placing the advert. Salary has been scaled to ZAR20,000 (3,500 USD). Action Item [20001205-04] (AA, VP & KY) To make the Administrative Office in Mauritius ready for Ray's Visit, which is on 12th of January. Action Item [20041205-05] (AA) To print out all emails for archive. Action Item [20041205-06] (AA) Investigation on the opportunity of having Afrinic III in North Africa, either Egypt or Morocco. Action Item [20041205-07] (AA) AA will be given one week to think about the representatives of Afrinic at ASO AC. Action Item [20041205-08] (AA) To re-contact Charles Musisi and Ayitey about the training of 2005 Action Item [20041205-09] (AA). To propose on paper on Afrinic's position in IPv6 deployment in Africa Action Item [20041205-10] Committees need to be more active and report in February and has to chose a chair person amongst themselves and they should report about their activities in each meeting. Deadline is January 15th. Committees should come with a TOR about the chairperson to be selected. Action Item [20041205-11] Nominations call: Afrinic should start calling for nominations for Board 2005. Not an action Item!!!! Action Item [20041205-12] (AA) Election process should be reviewed and sent to the board by next week. Elections should take place in April during the AGM in Maputo. Action Item [20041205-13] (AA) The tag line for the logo to be changed to 'The African Internet Numbers Registry' Action Item [20041205-14] (AA & KY): Paperwork related to the appointment of the directors in Mauritius to be completed. Action Item [20041205-16] AA Work contract for the CEO. AA will give more details about his contract to PD. KY proposed that PD reviews the contract and all directors vote it. Action Item [20041205-17] (AA) To have business cards printed for all board members. Action Item [20041205-18] (AA) Afrinic needs to decide which system to be used at least 30 days before April. AA suggests to revert back to the board with a decision by January 15th (this should be an ACTION ITEM) Resolutions: ------------ Resolved [ 20041205.01] that the resolutions of the board will be numbered by using a 4 digit year, a 2 digit month, a dot and a serial number. The serial number will not be reset at regular intervals. Resolved [20041205.02] that action items of the board will be numbered by using a 4 digit year, a 2 digit month, a dash and finally an action number. The serial number will be reset every month. Resolved [20041205.03] that the minute of meeting of September 9th 2004 is adopted. Resolved [20041205.04] that board meeting conference call should be held on every first Thursday every two months and at least 3 face to face meeting annually. Resolved [20041205.05] that Afrinic 2 will be held in Maputo, Mozambique. Proposed dates: April.26th and 27th

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