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Board meeting Jbourg 2001

Board Meeting - Midrand South Africa - 31 July 2001

A meeting of the board of AfrinNic took place on Tuesday 31st July 2001 at the Uniforum Offices in Jo'burg. Unfortunately we did not have a quorum and consequently it can not be construed as being a formal board meeting. However minutes were taken and a suggested resolution was passed. This mail is intended to form the minutes of the meeting and the rest of the board is requested to make their comments. The aim is to arrive at a consensus on the proposed resolution not later than 10th August, and all BOT are requested to give their input by that date. 1. Attendance: BOT * Theo Kramer * Yan Kwok * Charles Musisi * Richard Bell (Temporary Chair for the duration of the meeting Observers * Brian Longwe * Thomas Senaji * Kyoko Day 1. Agenda * Discuss Action Plan & Proposal from Kyoko Day *

Discuss Presentation by AfriNIC to be made at ACT 2.

Item 1 - Action Plan Kyoko day introduced herself, explaining that she had been the business manager involved in the formation of APNIC, that with the expansion of that organization there was no longer a logical role for her there, and that she was eager to contribute whatever she could to the AfriNIC process. She went through here experience and qualifications in detail. The board asked her to clarify what exactly she was offering and after some discussion it was concluded as follows;

a. Kyoko Day is ready to offer her services for a period of not less than 12 months as the business manager to move the AfriNIC implementation forward. She would be available part time wef mid August and full time from mid November. She would be prepared to relocate to Africa if required but not before the end of November.

b. Kyoko Day would organize her own funding to cover her remuneration and expenses for the duration of her role in getting AfriNIC started. She explained that the Japanese Foreign Ministry had expressed an interest in funding her, and that she was pursuing this. In any case she would work out her own funding. c. Kyoko explained that her role would be to develop and then facilitate the implementation of detailed plans covering the following areas; Financial Plan, HR Plan, Marketing Plan, Operational Technical and Admin Plan, Transition Plan. Kyoko explained that in doing so she would consult with existing RIR's, the BOT and other stakeholders in developing these plans, and that everything would be reported back to the BOT for approval before any action was taken. After some general discussion those present achieved a consensus that her proposal would be in the interests of AfriNIC, and that if approval were given sooner rather than later, she would be able to make some significant progress prior to the interim half yearly board meeting in Cairo in January. It was therefore agreed that a resolution be proposed (we could not pass it since we did not have quorum) and that the rest of the BOT be requested to provide feedback and indicate their agreement (or otherwise) by 10th August: "It is proposed to appoint Kyoko Day as the Interim Business Manager of AfriNIC with the aim of creating the Financial, HR, Marketing, Operational, and Transitionary Plans, to see AfriNIC through from its current state to a fully functional Regional Internet Registry by the end of 2002."

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