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Academic funding

AFRINIC's support to academic institutions

education-256One of the AFRINIC initiatives includes a special pricing (50% special discount) on membership fees for academic institutions operating in the African region.


6Deploy project

AFRINIC provides virtual lab access free of charge to anyone under the auspices of the 6Deploy project of the European union through the running an IPv6 testbed which is one in a pool of several similar testbeds that are used during AFRINIC training workshops. Click here for more details.


AFRINIC fellowship programme

AFRINIC offers five (5) fellowships for each public policy meetings. The fellowships are reserved for individuals representing small organisations, universities, and journalists who are actively involved in Internet development in the African Region or ICT Policy in their countries and the community, who can positively and actively contribute to IP address management awareness and impact further development of the Internet in the AFRINIC region of service.