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FAQs - mntner


Choose a new password and encrypt it as MD5 using this link.Then send the encrypted password to requesting for mntner password update.

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1. Fill in the template below.

     auth: MD5-PW 
     source: AFRINIC

  • In the "mnt-by" field use the same as "mntner" field.
  • Encrypt your password using this link and paste the encrypted password in "auth" field after MD5-PW.
  • Fill in "password" field with your clear text password.
  • The "source" field is already filled for you.

2. Copy the object into plain text format mail.

3. Send the mail to with blank subject line and wait for the result.

4. The clear text password will be required whenever you update objects that are protected by the maintainer. Please ensure that you memorise it.If the maintainer belongs to your organisation, please ensure that it forms part of your organisation's password policy.