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Financial Statements and Audit Report for 2015

26 May 2016 - The financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2015 have been prepared and audited and approved by the Board.  They will be signed after approval by the members at the AGMM on 9 June 2016.  The unsigned financial statement and audit report are available here

The following message from the Chair of the Board gives more details:



Dear Members,


I understand that the auditors don't want to sign the financial statements before two Directors (designated by the Board) sign. This is coming after the Board has already designated two Directors to sign the Letter of Representation (LOR) from the Auditors, which has since been returned to them.

Whereas the Board can authorise two directors to sign now, before the membership has approved the Financials, the bylaws suggest that it’s not the right process. 

The Board, in turn doesn’t want to sign before the membership approves at the AGMM.

Whereas the Board understands the desire of members that the Financials should be signed by the Auditors before it is presented, we need to break the loop.

Since the financial statements have been prepared, audited, and approved by the Board;

they will not be signed by the auditors until after the Board signs, and the Board will not sign until after the membership approves;

It is therefore reasonable that the membership will be presented with unsigned financial statements to approve.

The Board has therefore asked the CEO to publish the unsigned financials ASAP.


Best Regards ....


Sunday Folayan

Chair, AFRINIC Board

Board Election 2016: E-Voting and Proxy Appointment

25 May 2016 - Please note that electronic voting and appointment of proxies is now open. Both services are available through the MyAFRINIC portal to members in good standing. A member that has voted on-line cannot appoint a proxy and likewise.

Both services can be accessed through the “Elections” tab and “Access Election Centre” Menu.


1. Proxy Appointment:

Please follow the steps below to appoint a proxy:

  1. Log on to MyAFRINIC at;
  2. Navigate to ‘Election’ and ‘Access Election Centre;
  3. Select the election in which you wish to participate;
  4. Choose the option ‘Appoint Proxy’;
  5. Fill the proxy form;
  6. Print the form, sign it and physically hand it over to the person being appointed as your proxy.


The proxy form MUST be signed, stamped and returned 48 hours prior to the election to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


2. E-Voting

Only available to an administrative contact. The admin-contact can also assign the voting right (through MYAFRINIC) to another registered contact.  

To vote electronically, please follow the following steps:

  1. Log on to MyAFRINIC at;
  2. Navigate to ‘Election’ and ‘Access Election Centre’;
  3. Select the election in which you wish to participate;
  4. Choose the option ‘Vote Online’.


To assign the online voting right to another registered contact:

  1. Log on to MyAFRINIC at;
  2. Navigate to ‘MY Account’ and ‘User Administration’;
  3. Check the ‘Voter Role’ to a corresponding listed contact.


Electronic voting will be closed on Thursday 9 June 2016 on the day of the AGMM. Proxy appointment will close on 08 June 2016 to allow the elections committee do the appropriate verifications ahead of the AGMM.


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