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ASO AC/NRO NC 2016: Final Candidate Slate

27 May 2016 - NomCom2016 would like to announce the following final candidate slate for the vacant position on ASO AC/NRO NC.

  1. Omo Oaiya
  2. Mohamed Ben Yahia
  3. Fiona Asonga

Full candidate information has been published at:

The community is hereby invited to view candidate information and express any comments about the suitability of the candidates.

Election will be held during the AFRINIC-24 public policy meeting that will be held in Gaborone on 09 June 2016.

More information is available at:

For any queries or clarification, please contact the nominations committee by email to nomcom2016 at


(2016 Nominations Committee)

Financial Statements and Audit Report for 2015

26 May 2016 - The financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2015 have been prepared and audited and approved by the Board.  They will be signed after approval by the members at the AGMM on 9 June 2016.  The unsigned financial statement and audit report are available here

The following message from the Chair of the Board gives more details:



Dear Members,


I understand that the auditors don't want to sign the financial statements before two Directors (designated by the Board) sign. This is coming after the Board has already designated two Directors to sign the Letter of Representation (LOR) from the Auditors, which has since been returned to them.

Whereas the Board can authorise two directors to sign now, before the membership has approved the Financials, the bylaws suggest that it’s not the right process. 

The Board, in turn doesn’t want to sign before the membership approves at the AGMM.

Whereas the Board understands the desire of members that the Financials should be signed by the Auditors before it is presented, we need to break the loop.

Since the financial statements have been prepared, audited, and approved by the Board;

they will not be signed by the auditors until after the Board signs, and the Board will not sign until after the membership approves;

It is therefore reasonable that the membership will be presented with unsigned financial statements to approve.

The Board has therefore asked the CEO to publish the unsigned financials ASAP.


Best Regards ....


Sunday Folayan

Chair, AFRINIC Board


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