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IANA Announces Exhaustion of 16-bit ASN Pool

16 August 2016 - The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has announced that its 16-bit Autonomous System Number (ASN) pool has now been exhausted. Future allocations to the five Regional Internet Registries will be made from the IANA's 32-bit pool.

AFRINIC assigns all AS Numbers from its 32-bit ASN pool. It has a small supply of 16-bit ASNs available and, due to the incompatibility of some equipment with the higher bit order 32-bit ASNs, it may allow, on a case-by-case basis, members to swap higher bit ASNs with lower bit order 32-bit ASNs.

However, AFRINIC strongly encourages members to check for 32-bit ASN functionality before purchasing new equipment, and to upgrade current non-compliant equipment in order to support the 32-bit ASN standard so that they can connect to customers as well as connect with their upstream providers.


AFRINIC Appointments to IANA Numbering Services Review Committee

16 August 2016 - AFRINIC announces the following initial members of the IANA Numbering Services Review Committee:

* Fiona Asonga (community representative, until 31 December 2016)

* Douglas Onyango (community representative, until 31 December 2017)

* Madhvi Gokool (staff representative, until further notice)


The two community representatives are automatically appointed to the IANA Numbering Services Review Committee as a result of their appointment to the NRO NC/ASO AC.  The staff representative is appointed by the CEO.



In terms of the IANA Numbering Services SLA between the RIRs and ICANN SLA, the RIRs will establish an IANA Numbering Services Review Committee, to review ICANN’s or PTI’s performance of the IANA Numbering Services.


In terms of the Review Committee’s charter, each RIR will appoint three representatives to the committee:


(a)  two community appointees from each RIR region (who must not be RIR staff); and

(b)  one RIR staff from the region (who will be a non-voting member).


In terms of AFRINIC Board resolution 201511.255, the Board recommended that the two community representatives appointed to the NRO NC should automatically serve on the IANA Numbering Services Review Committee, and that the CEO should appoint a staff member to the committee.  This recommendation by the Board was presented to the membership at the AFRINIC-23 meeting in Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo, in November 2015.



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