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AFRINIC launches its New Membership Registration Portal

Dear Colleagues,

As part of its commitment to providing excellent service to its members, AFRINIC has designed a New Membership Registration Portal for a simpler and more efficient registration process for prospective members.

The AFRINIC New Membership Registration Portal has been launched on Tuesday 27 May 2014, and is fully operational.

This portal will facilitate the registration process by taking prospective members through a step-by-step process as well as helping them to provide the necessary information to enable AFRINIC to expedite their request for membership and Internet number resources. 

In order to use the portal you need to:

- Create an account

-  Log in with credentials provided

 - Follow registration instructions

The New Membership Registration Portal is available at:

For any additional information, please contact us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Opening of e-voting for the 2014 Board of Directors Elections

 We are pleased to announce that electronic voting is now open for the 2014 Board Election.

It is available to member organizations in good standing (no outstanding payments), and only through the member's MyAFRINIC profile/account.

Open Board seats this year (and respective candidates for those seats) are:


Seat 3: Indian Ocean

  • Krishna Seeburn
  • Subramanian Moonesamy

Seat 4: Central Africa

  • Antoine Joseph Junior Tonye
  • Christian Domilongo Bope
  • Janvier Ngnoulaye

Seat 8: Region Independent

  • Andrew Kenningale Alston
  • Boubakar Barry
  • Hajanirina Ramboasalama
  • Serge Kabwika Ilunga

More information on the candidates can be found here.

Members who will not be able to attend and/or vote physically at the AGMM in Djibouti on 06th June 2014 can now vote online starting today, 27th May 2014 till 05th June 2014 19:59 UTC.

Voting rights are automatically assigned to the "Administrative Contact". The "Administrative Contact" can however manually assign voting rights (from within MyAFRINIC) to any other contact.

All information pertaining to the election (as well as e-voting) and how to participate can be found under the "Information" section of the "Elections" tab at

Please check and confirm the accuracy of your contact details in MyAFRINIC and update it if need be. All communications, electronic ballots and proxies will be based on the details available in MyAFRINIC.



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