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Alan Barrett Selected to Represent the RIR Communities in the ICG

6 Febuary 2015 -The Number Resource Organization (NRO) Executive Council (EC) has selected Alan Barrett to replace former AFRINIC CEO Adiel Akplogan in the IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG).

Mr. Barrett will represent the AFRINIC community as well as the four other RIR communities together with Paul Wilson, Director General of APNIC.

Find out more about the IANA Oversight Transition.

Call for Volunteers for the NomCom 2015

5 Febuary 2015- During 2015, we will hold several elections in our community  as follows: 

 04 June 2015:

  • AFRINIC Board (two seats - Southern and Eastern)

  • Policy Development Working Group: 1 co-Chair.

November 2015: NRO-NC/ICANN ASO AC (1 Representative) 


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