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AFRINIC Budget 2013

High-level Objectives

The High-level Objectives of AFRINIC in 2013 are defined around three major areas, which are: Effective Registration Services (ERS), Community Development (CD), Core (Internal) Infrastructure Stability (CIS), and Global Infrastructure Stability (contribution to) (GIS). Below are some of our Objectives.


a. Improve members Service and value (ERS)

b. Further develop Training and Capacity Building programme (CD)

c. Become a reliable source of Critical Internetworking Information (CIS/GIS)

d. Continue to work toward Financial Sustainability (ERS)

e. Continue to raise Operations excellence (CIS)

f. Adjust Organisational Behaviour to Environment evolution

   a. Prepare to serve an evolving stakeholders base (ERS)

      i. Associate Members ii. Mobile Network Operators

      ii. CDN and Mobile Broadband Operators

   b. New emerging needs/issues to be watch

      i. Cyber-security and related Online safety issues

      ii. Internet Governance (Advocacy for openness and bottom-up multi-stakeholder system

      iii. Promotion and support Inter-Networking best practices


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