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Protect An Object from unauthorised modifications

The AFRINIC whois database is a public database and we recommend that all the objects therein are protected (usually by a maintainer object) to prevent unauthorised modification by unknown parties.


Protect An Object

It is recommended that all objects are protected. This is done using a mntner(maintainer) object. Practically, this means that in a certain object – such as a person – you refer to this mntner with the "mnt-by:" attribute. Follow the steps on the "Create Mntner Object" if you have not yet created a mntner object.

Follow the steps below to protect your objects from unauthorized modifications:

  1. Search for and load the object you want to protect. On the Afrinic Whois client, click on "Query" tab. Type in the object you want to protect, click on the Checkbox next to "I'm not a robot", select the appropriate images and click on "Verify". After the human check is completed, click on "Search".
  2. Hover your cursor over the "Serch Result" and click on "Update".
  3. In the example below, we will protect the Person object with the mntner AFRINIC-JS39-MNT. Drag the "mnt-by" from the template on the right into the text area and add the mntner. You will need to enter the clear text password of the maintainer at the bottom before submitting.
  4. You should see "Object Successfully Update!"
  5. You may query the Whois to verify the Person object. E.g the query "-rB john smith" now gives the output below;