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AFRINIC Budget 2013

2013 Corporate Orientations

AFRINIC's operational budget for 2013 is based on a series of priorities identified through feedback from the community and our strategic goals for 2013. Three key elements support our activity plan and budget:

  • Relevance: Continue playing our critical role in Number Resources Management.
  • Efficiency: Continue to improve productivity and financial stability
  • Resiliency: Adjust Organisation structure to evolve in close alignment with continuously changing environment/ecosystem

The foregoing three elements (hereinafter referred to as RER) will constitute the ongoing goal for AFRINIC during the coming years.

The 2013 budget has been formulated around Activity Plans that are aimed at addressing the immediate needs aimed at further supporting small Network operators of all kind to access Number resources while at the same time increasing overall membership value for existing members. With the new Bylaws adopted by the Board, the budget has also been designed to cater for its implementation and provides more transparency on our operations.


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