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Cairo meeting 2002

Minutes of the meeting of the AfriNIC Board of Trustees Cairo, 16th January 2002 Board Members Present: * Nii Quaynor * Tarek Kamel * Theo Kramer * Richard Bell * Zakaria Amar * Haja Ramboasalama * Cyriaque Kouma * Charles Musisi * Yann Kwok Observers Present: * Brian Longwe * Marc Elkins * Mouhamet Diop * Mohammed Hassi Rahou * Ayitey Bulley *

Manal Ismail Dr Kamel welcomed the Board to Cairo. Dr Quaynor presented a suggested list of agenda items which was subsequently discussed and amended by the members present.


Objectives: 1. To ratify that the interim entity is adequate 2. To choose a neutral party to recommend the appropriate legal entity and country for AfriNIC bylaws It was resolved that:· 3. The interim secretariat established in Ghana will be used in the meantime until the proper legal entity is formed upon consultation with the community 4. The legal entity remains the top priority of AfriNIC and steps should be taken to establish the appropriate entity, after consultation from a firm of lawyers. The latter will review if they are any legal uncertainties with the interim secretariat and suggest a suitable country for the final entity 5. The Board will set up the criteria required for the legal entity selection for the AfriNIC bylaws Persons Assigned: Team Leader - Theo Kramer Team - Pierre Dandjinou, Charles Musisi Deadline - 20 Feb 2002 The motion was proposed by Theo Kramer, seconded by Richard Bell and unanimously voted.

2. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING WITH RIPE It was resolved that: 0. The BoT will review the proposed agreement with RIPE, with a view to sign an agreement with RIPE by the next ICANN meeting in Accra Persons Assigned: Team Leader - Yann Kwok Team - Charles Musisi, Theo Kramer, Mouhamet Diop, Christine Arida Clovis Deadlines: a. Board of Trustees to agree and report by 20 Feb 2002 b. To sign agreement on or before Accra Meeting in March The motion was proposed by Theo Kramer, seconded by Tarek Kamel and unanimously voted.


It was resolved that: 0. Kyoko Day is to be appointed for 6 months (non-renewable) as Business Manager, on the condition that she manages to find her own funding (though AfriNIC will provide all necessary paperwork to allow her to seek the required funding) 1. In parallel, the Board of Trustees will have a call for proposal for the hostmasters and the Executive Director Persons Assigned: Team Leader - Zakaria Amar Team - Nii Quaynor, Richard Bell and Cyriaque Kouma Deadline - To report to the Board by 20 Feb 2002 The motion was proposed by Richard Bell, seconded by Zakaria Amar and unanimously voted.


It was resolved: 0. To have a revised call for proposal for the host country, publishing the evaluation criteria (including weight & percentage) and time frame 1. To have a suitable outreach program to inform the community of the proposal 2. That the BoT reviews and approves the revised call for proposal Persons Assigned: Team Leader - Tarek Kamel Team - Christine Arida Clovis, Manal Ismail, Haja Ramboasalama Deadlines: c. To issue the revised Call for Proposal to the Board - 20 Feb 2002 d. For the Board to approve the Call for Proposal - 15 Mar 2002 e. To issue the Call for Proposal to the public - 15 Mar 2002 f. For the community to submit their responses - 15 Jun 2002 g. For the Board to evaluate and select - 15 Sep 2002 h. For the Board to announce the selected host country - 15 Oct 2002 The motion was proposed by Tarek Kamel, seconded by Charles Musisi and unanimously voted.


It was resolved that: 0. Yann Kwok is to be appointed as secretary of the Board 1. Charles Musisi will take over the AfriNIC mailing list 2. The AfriNIC website is being handled by Theo Kramer 3. The contact details are to be lodged with Board for the mailing list, website and domain 4. The meeting schedules for the next three meetings are: * ICANN Accra (March 2002) * Lomé, Togo (May 2002) * Nairobi, Kenya (July 2002) (Proposed AGM) Persons Assigned: Team Leader - Yann Kwok French Translation of Board meetings - Zakaria Amar The motion was proposed by Theo Kramer, seconded by Zakaria Amar and unanimously v oted.


It was resolved that: 0. The Board should define the roles and responsibilities of the interim secretariat, after which: 1. The two members of the Board from each region to suggest a suitable candidate to the interim secretariat (those members will be listeners to the Board's mailing list) 2. One person from each region should join and provide additional resources to the interim secretariat 3. The interim secretariat can request additional help from outside members, after consultation with the Board or its sub-committees 4. The interim secretariat has no decision-making ability nor any voting power Person Assigned: Coordinator - Ayitey Bulley Responsibilities Assigned: e. To provide banking information f. To coordinate flights and accommodation issues for each meeting g. To carry out such secretarial and admin functions as they're requested to do by the Board or its designated sub-committees h. To report to the Board quarterly or at each meeting, whichever is sooner The motion was proposed by Zakaria Amar, seconded by Charles Musisi and unanimously voted.


It was resolved that: 0. The Board thanks the Government of Egypt (especially Tarek Kamel, Christien Arida Clovis and Manal Ismail) for the sponsorship, hosting, hospitality, contribution and care in bringing the Board together, which led to a successful Board meeting in Cairo 1. The Board acknowledges and thanks the work done by Kyoko Day, TESPOK, Brian Longwe, Christine Arida Clovis, Manal Ismail, Rosi Stevenson and the interim secretariat 2. The Board thanks Pierre Ouedraogo and "Agence de la Francophonie" for their continuing support and contribution to date for funding the African members to assist in the AfriNIC process.

The meeting was adjourned at 15:5

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