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AFRINIC Budget 2013

Budget Overview

Operational Budget Summary

We are planning a 16% increase for 2013 in terms of membership revenue compared to the 2012 budget. Our operational expenses is, however, expected to grow by 14% which computed allow us to expect a surplus of USD 85,000 at the end of the exercise. The table below gives a summary of the budget. More details can be found in section 7 of this document.


Table-2: 2013 Budget summary

Budget 2013 Budget 2012 Δ Movements Δ %
Incomes Members
Membership 3,502,400 3,017,128 485,272 16%
Sponsorships 185,000 166,000 19,000 11%
Total revenues 3,687,400 3,183,128 504,272 16%

Administrative 2,760,012 2,307,393 452,619 20%
Distribution 838,791 805,343 33,448 4%
Total expenditures 3,598,803 3,112,736 486,067 16%

Other Income/(Costs) -5,000 -35,000 30,000 -86%
Forecasted Total surplus 83,597 35,392 48,205 136%


Capital Expenditure (CAPEX)

In general terms, our CAPEX in 2013 will significantly grow compared to the previous year mainly because of the upgrade and renewal of our core infrastructure and project to move to a fully virtualized environment. We have also planned for Capital expenditures for the expansion of some of our community support projects such as DNSSec, RPKI, RSCP(1) and DSP(2)


Table-3: 2013 CAPEX summary

Capital Expenditure : Details US$
Core Infrastructure upgrade and Implementation of virtualization (Phase-1) 255,000
Equipment and tools for Community Support Projects 158,000
Various Hardware and Software for staff 30,000
Furniture and Sundry 5,000

Total All Capex 448,000


Membership Growth

Our budget is based on a planned 21% membership growth in 2013 for a total income of 3.5 million. The biggest growth is expected in the low level categories (Extra-Small to Small), which will account for 33% of our expected growth. It is to noteworthy that this forecast revenue does not take into consideration changes in categories (which will result from additional allocation to existing member during the course of the year), which will only be reflected in the 2014 budget as impact of change in allocation size is only computed in membership fee category during the next year's billing exercise.


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  1. RSCP: The Root Server Copy Project is a project that supports deployment of Anycast instances of Root Servers in Africa region. AFRINIC currently work with four RO (L, I and F)
  2. DSP: The DNS support Programme is a programme launched by AFRINIC in 2012 to support ccTLDs across by offering them to host one of their DNS on our Anycast infrastructure. We are planning to deploy few nodes of the platform across AFRICA in 2013

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