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Welcome to the AFRINIC Policy Development Working Group (PDWG). The PDWG is instituted through the Policy Development Process (PDP) to discuss new number resource policy proposals in the region. Participation to the PDWG is open to anyone via the rpd mailing list or in person at the AFRINIC face-to-face public policy meetings.


Alan Barrett was appointed by the PDWG as co-chair during AfriNIC-16  in The Gambia, to serve the remaining term of Dr Paulos Nyirenda, after Paulos appointment to the AfriNIC Board. Alan’s term ends in June 2013. Alan has previously served as co-chair and is a very active member of the community.


Emile Milandou was appointed for a 2-year term during AfriNIC16 in Gambia. He will serve till June 2014. Emile is the IT Manager for ARPCE and has participated in several ICANN and AfriNIC meetings.