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Resource policies

AFRINIC policies are developed through an open Policy Development Process. There is no requirement to participate in the process and anybody can propose and discuss policy matters related to resource management in AFRINIC region of service. To participate you must subscribe to the policy working group mailing list.

Minutes of the last public policy meeting can be found in the Minutes of Public Policy Meetings Page

Guide to the Status, Dates and Filenames of AFRINIC Policies

This document defines the standard status of AFRINIC policy documents. The corresponding date is the date on which the policy document acquired the given status.

Upon initial submission on to the mailing list: Status = "Proposal-Draft"

If consensus is reached at a face-to-face (F2F) meeting to accept the proposal: Status="Proposal-Consensus-Accepted"

if no consensus is reached AND proposal is sent to the list: Status="Proposal-No Consensus"

If consensus is reached to reject the proposal: Status="Proposal-Consensus-Rejected"

If the author withdraws a policy at any stage: Status="Proposal-Withdrawn"

While a policy is awaiting board approval: Status="Awaiting Approval"

After board ratifies it: Status="Approved"

After we implement: Status="Implemented"

When a policy is made obsolete: Status="Obsolete"

Every policy is named in the general form AFPUB-YYYY-Category-Number where:

YYYY = year in long format e.g. 2009

Category refers to what category this policy addresses e.g. v4 = IPv4, v6-IPv6, DNS = all DNS related, GEN = general and all other, ASN = AS Numbers

Number = Serial number within that year starting from 001

Thus AFPUB-2009-v6-002 is the second policy within 2009 relating to IPv6.