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The Elections Committee (ECOM)

The Elections Committee (ECOM)


According to Section 10 of the By-Laws, the AFRINIC CEO has constituted the following election committee (ECOM) for the 2014 elections:

  1. Mark Elkins (Chair of ECOM/Chair of The 2014 NomCom)
  2. Ernest Byaruhanga (Staff, Elections Coordinator)
  3. Guylaine Mootoo (Secretariat)
  4. Nirmal Manik (Member)
  5. Arthur N’guessan (Member)

Functions of the ECOM include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Have general responsibility for, and handle pre-election processes for all elections held by AFRINIC;
  • Liaise with the Chair of the NomCom for holding of polls on election day.

 The ECOM can be reached by email on ecom [at] afrinic dot net.