AFRINIC history

history-256Following a proposal for setting up an Internet registry for Africa by several early Internet adopters in Africa, during an INET workshop in Malaysia (1997),  a steering commmitte was set up to work on AFRINIC's structure and business plan. 

The idea behind the initiative was to adapt the allocation policies applied by the already established RIRs (RIPE NCC and APNIC) to Africa’s realities. In 2000 this proposal resulted in a consensus with the setup of AfNOG (the African Network Operators group).

Moreover during the same year, the first AFRINIC observers were appointed to the Address Supporting Organization Address Council (ASO AC). In 2001, the steering commitee recomended the appointment of an initial Board of Trustees based on sub-regional representation. Dr Nii Quaynor chaired the first AFRINIC Board  with the mission to formalise the organisation and work towards its accreditation as a Regional Internet Registry (RIR).

In 2004, after a selection of potential host countries, AFRINIC was incorporated in Mauritius. It was decided that the Board will consist of elected representatives from the six identified sub-regions in Africa (Northern, Western, Central, Eastern, Indian Ocean and Southern).

AFRINIC was registered in Mauritius with its operations dispersed in South Africa (Technical operations), Egypt (Backup and disaster recovery) and Ghana (Training coordination)

In April 2005, ICANN accredited AFRINIC as the fifth Regional Internet Registry according to criteria defined in its ICP-2 document (criteria for establishment of regional Internet registries).

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Our Vision

Spearheading Internet technology and policy development in the African region.


Our Mission

To serve the African community by providing professional and efficient management of Internet number resources, supporting Internet technology usage and development, and promoting a participative and multi-stakeholder approach to Internet self-governance.


Our Core Values

  • We operate with transparency, professionalism and efficiency.
  • We are committed to integrity in all that we do, always and everywhere.
  • We recognise and value individual contribution and teamwork.
  • We recognise cultural and language diversity in our region.
  • We are a technology driven organisation that encourages continuous learning and innovation.
  • We value collaboration and cooperation with relevant organisations.

AFRINIC Factsheets

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