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Membership fees


AFRINIC fees schedule (2008 - present)

To support its operations, AFRINIC charges its members fees that may change from year to year according to operational costs and financial health of the organisation and upon validation by the Board of Directors. Below is the present detailed fee schedule.

To become a full member and get services (assignment/allocation) from AFRINIC, new applicants will have to pay the initial service and membership fees. AFRINIC will charge an annual fee for service and membership according to the figures below. A special 5% discount will be offegrey to organisations that make renewal payments prior to the invoice date or within the 30 days of date of invoice.

Each non-LIR ASN assignee will have to pay USD 400 initial set-up fees in addition to a yearly maintenance/membership fee of USD 50. Payment of the initial assignment fee will be made plus the first 3 years (USD50x3) maintenance/membership fee (i.e. total payment of USD 550). Subsequent membership/maintenance fee will be collected in advance every 6 (six) years.

The fee structure for End-User Membership has remained unchanged since the creation of AFRINIC. Taking into consideration several comments and observations on this category of membership, the fee structure has been amended to:

a) align the categories with the ones for LIRs;
b) readjust the fees to match the new categories; and
c) cater for very small assignments (between /24 and /23) as defined in the PI assignment policies.

billing timeline

Both the Initial Setup Fees and the Annual Membership Fees have been adjusted upwards. It is noteworthy that End User membership fees are billed for a period of 3 years meaning the impact on individual members shall be felt on the anniversary of their billing cycle. However, we also plan to make the End-user billing cycle annual to align it to that of the LIR.




2. Special Category

a. Individual Membership (Honor Members)
The AFRINIC Board will grant special Membership status to Individual persons willing to contribute to the organisation as formal members. These Honor Members will have to pay an annual membership fee of USD 100 which will be invoiced in advance every three years (USD 300). This membership category is exclusive for Individuals and cannot be applied to corporate organisations.

b. Academic and Research Institutions1

AFRINIC will apply a 50% discount to organisations which justify that they are official Academic or Research Institutions in their countries and demonstrate the exclusive use of assigned/allocated resources for not-for profit academic or research activities. In most cases, such members fall under the End-site category. Academic and Education sites which will request to be LIRs must be requested to provide further documentation in regard to their network infrastructure and to the need for assignments to other organisations other than their own. AFRINIC may seek the African Association of University (AAU) advice on this category of memberX



3. IPv4 Fees and Categories

IPv4 fees are set based on the minimum allocation size which is a /22. LIR Members categories will be organised in 7 categories according to the size of their allocation. The maximum allocation size at AFRINIC is /10. The table below gives the categories and the associated fees:

Category Allocation Size Set-up fees
(one off)
Membership (Annual)(USD) Early Payment Discount(USD)2
Extra Small /22 - /21 1,750 1,400 1,330
Very Small >= /20 - /19 2,000 2,200 2,090
Small >= /18 - /17 2,500 6,400 6,080
Medium >= /16 - /15 4,000 12,800 12,160
Large >= /14 - /13 6,500 22,500 21,375
Very large >= /12 - /11 8,000 30,000 28,500
Extra large >= /10 10,000 38,400 36,480


4. IPv6 Fee and Categories

IPv6 is in its very early adoption stage in our region. To encourage and promote its usage in the Region, the AFRINIC board has ratified the following measures3:

a. For already established LIRs (with IPv4 allocation(s)):
Not to count the IPv6 prefix allocation in calculating the category of already established LIRs.

b. For New LIRs:
i. Allow 50% discount on the initial set-up fee and 100% discount on the first year's membership fee for a LIR with IPv6 only allocation.
ii. Allow respectively 75%, 50%, 25% discount on the membership fee for the three the subsequent years.



Category Allocation Size Initial Set-up fee(USD) Membership (Annual)(USD)
Small /32 2,500 2,500
Large > /32 20,000 20,000
PI (EU) /48 2,500 100



5. IPv4 and ASN assignments to "End-Sites"

AFRINIC assigns IPv4 addresses to End-site organisations who meet the criteria established in its End-User assignment policy (afpol-euv4…). End-site organisations have to become AFRINIC members to get resource assignments and pay for each assignment according to the size of IP block requested. The different End-Site categories are below:

Category Allocation Size Assignment fees (one off) Membership (Annual)
Micro End User >= /24 - < /23 $2,500 $200
Mini End User >= /23 - < /22 $2,700 $300
Extra Small >= /22 - < /20 $3,000 $400
Very Small >= /20 - < /18 $5,000 $500
Small >= /18 - < /16 $7,500 $600
Medium >= /16 - < /14 $9,000 $1,000
Large >= /14 - < /12 $10,000 $1,500
Very large >= /12 - < /10 $12,000 $2,000
Extra large >= /10 $15,000 $2,500
EU - AS ASN Only $400 $50


Organisations holding both ASN and IPv4 space will not be charged with the ASN maintenance fee but will pay a unique fee associated with their IPv4 End-User membership (USD 100 /Year).



6. Resources Transfer

At this point, AFRINIC will not charge any fees for IP address and ASN transfers. The category of the new organisation that is taking over the allocated resource will be recalculated after the transfer and a new fee may apply at its next year's renewal. The new organisation may be asked to pay if they require a change of the Organisation Handle linked to the joint resources. The fee applied is equal to the Initial set-up fee for the category of the previous organisation. - Before requesting transfer of IPs and/or ASN, please check AFRINIC allocation policies about the transfer.



7. Associate Member fees
Billing Category Set up fees Membership (Annual)
Corporate/Institutions Small $0 $1,000
Corporate/Institutions Medium $0 $2,500
Corporate/Institution Large $0 $5,000
Individual $0 $300


1 The discount for this category of member will be reviewed by the Board every year.
2 These fees are applicable only to payment made in advance or less than 30 days after the renewal invoice is generated.
3 These measures will be reviewed by the board each year.