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Jan News RoundupHere's a quick overview of our activities and news in January 2017

Monthly Statistics

New members in January: 10 

Total members at year end 2016: 169

Total members to date: 1477

IPv4 address space allocated in January: 567,512 /32s

Total IPv4 allocated to date: 107,674,368/32s

IPv6 address space prefixes allocated in January: 5 (4 /32s and 1 /44)

ASNs assigned in January: 10

Total ASNs to date: 1,468

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AFRINIC has selected 22 countries to host training workshops in 2017. For the first time ever, we'll be delivering courses in Guinea Conakry and Mozambique and will be returning to Burundi for the first time since 2009.

About AFRINIC's Training Programme

AFRINIC is one of Africa's leading technical capacity builders, training over 630 engineers in 18 African nations in 2016 alone. AFRINIC offers courses on Internet Number Resource Management (INRM) and IPv6 Deployment - one of the continent's most highly regarded IPv6 Forum (Gold) Certified courses. Courses are currently free of charge and are delivered in either French or English. Tailor-made courses are also offered to address the specific needs of governments, research and education networks and large service providers. Since 2004, AFRINIC has trained over 3,000 network engineers in 44 nations in its service region.

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pretty womanBibliotheque Le Pavillion Blanc - Library for the Blind - in Cameroon won the US$ 25,000 FIRE Africa Grant in 2016 in the Education category to further boost its work with the visually impaired throughout Cameroon. In this blogpost, Communications Officer, Lisette Emmanuelle WAFFO, tells us about her organisation, how the FIRE Africa Grant will contribute to its valuable work and talks about her trip to the AFRINIC-25 Meeting in 2016. 

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IMG 9044Based in Goma (DR Congo), Arsene is a 27 year-old social entrepreneur. Arsene manages a humanitarian NGO that specialises in providing education to children affected by war. He is also a Consultant on Internet governance with focus on child online protection and human rights violations affecting the internet. He was one of the fellows of the last AFRINIC meeting (AFRINIC-25) that took place in Mauritius from 25th to 30th November 2016.

Arsene has been an active member of discussions on different topics on Internet governance. It all started in 2011 when he participated as a speaker at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) on a panel on child online safety. What struck him was the fact that there were very few discussions in the Congo on Internet governance issues and at that IGF 2011, very few sessions giving voice to young people to talk about how the Internet has affected them positively or negatively.

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