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AFRINIC has been a proud sponsor of AfPIF since 2012. In addition to sponsoring AfPIF, AFRINIC regularly contributes to the forum programme by sending staff to the event to present on topics such as Internet number resource management and traffic flow measurement. "Participation in these meetings gives AFRINIC staff better insight into how IXPs in Africa operate and how they sustain their activities," says AFRINIC CEO, Alan Barrett. "By participating in discussions on peering with the African IXP Association (AF-IX) members, they can learn about the additional services that IXPs also offer. AfPIF meetings also provide AFRINIC representatives with the opportunity to meet the IXP staff and talk about the key issues and challenges around Internet number resources that directly affect the IXP."

One of the remaining parts of the IANA transition is the transfer of ownership of the IANA trademarks and domain names from ICANN to the IETF Trust, licensing of the intellectual property rights from the IETF Trust back to ICANN (with the right for ICANN to sublicense to PTI), and agreements about how the IETF Trust will manage the IPR in the interests of the community.

The idea of transferring the IANA trademarks and domain names appeared in the IANA transition proposal from the Numbers community (the CRISP Team proposal, section III.A.2).  This idea was incorporated into the the final IANA transition proposal from the ICG.

Both the CRISP Team and the ICG recognised that such a transfer of intellectual property rights would need coordination between multiple parties.  Most of that coordination has now been done, and draft agreements are available for public comment, until 12 September 2016.

SenegalDirecteur des TIC, Dr Chérif DIALLO est aussi enseignant et chercheur à l’Université Gaston Berger de Saint-Louis où il dirige différents enseignements dans la section informatique de l’Unité de Formation et de Recherches des Sciences Appliquées et Technologies (UFR SAT). La plupart de ses enseignements sont orientés autour des thématiques d’architectures des systèmes des réseaux, des technologies de télécommunications, de la sécurité des systèmes d’information et des méthodologies et outils d’audit informatique.

Merci encore Dr Diallo d'apparaitre dans notre blog. Alors dites nous tout : En tant que Directeur des TIC au Sénégal, en quoi consiste votre travail ?


Screen Shot 2016 08 19 at 5.12.44 PMThe AFRINIC IPv6 and INRM Training team concluded their four-day training course in Accra Ghana. 

Thirty-six people attended the training. 

Running from 09 - 12 August 2016, the training sessions were conducted at the University of Ghana Computing Systems, Lab 4A, University of Ghana.

We wish to extend our appreciation to the University of Ghana for hosting this event.

AFRINIC's training programme aims to help network engineers in Africa better plan and manage Internet Number resources and IPv6 networks.

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You can see more of the event from the storify below.