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AFRINIC has concluded its recent four-day Internet Number Resources Management (INRM) Fundamentals & Understanding and Deploying IPv6 Workshop in Nigeria.

Forty-seven engineers attended the workshop, which was held at the Henry Fajemirokun Hall (Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

We'd like to extend our appreciation to Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ATCON) for hosting this event.

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May17We provide here a quick overview of our activities and news in May 2017.

Monthly Statistics

New members in May: 59
Total members to date: 1500
IPv4 address space allocated in May: 892,672
Total IPv4 allocated in 2017: 5,454,592
IPv6 address space prefixes allocated in May: 7 IPv6 prefixes
ASNs assigned in May: 13

Total ASNs in 2017: 61

News and Activities

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jordi palet alta2This document isn’t intended to be a comprehensive and detailed technical digest of how to deploy IPv6 in an ISP network that currently has IPv4, but rather an executive summary of the 12 fundamental steps, not including services (DNS, web, email, etc.), for native IPv6 support and the maintenance of IPv4 as a transparent service.

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The Internet Measurements initiatives in Africa Workshop will be held during the AIS'17/AFRINIC-26 Meeting currently underway in Nairobi, Kenya. Amreesh Phokeer, AFRINIC's Research & Innovation Manager, writes about Internet measurements and why they are important. 

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